About SexByRSS.com  
Stop looking for free porn on the internet! We are offering a totally free and daily updated RSS feed with the newest porn delivered right into your RSS reader. Your RSS reader will give you a notification when there is new porn and provide a link to the new items.

For those people who are new to RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is used to send notifications of new content between a website and a RSS reader. For more non-technical information you can visit Wikipedia.

But the best is yet to come! The RSS feed is full customizable: If you don't want gay-porn you don't get gay-porn and if you only want movies you only get movies. You can build your own personal RSS feed in only three steps and you can start building it by hitting the 'RSS Feed' tab.

Only three easy steps
Pick your favorite genres where you want to receive updates for. If you don't like a specific genre, don't select it. You only get porn in the selected genres.

Make your choice between movies or pictures or simple select both. This is useful for people who only want to receive movies or pictures. The most people want both, so both is the default.

The URL of the RSS feed is automatically generated. The only thing you have to do to subsribe is copy and paste the URL in your RSS reader or select the name of your RSS reader from the dropdown.