Abuse of our services  
In an answer to the absolutely ridiculous amount of abuse we get on a daily basis from poorly implemented RSS readers, we were forced to implement a much more liberal automated banning system on the RSS feeds. Our policy is to allow one request every 30 minutes. You get 2 warnings before you will get banned for 8 hours.

We will be kind to people behind proxy servers and people sharing IP addresses.

If you are banned you must stop abusing our services and set the update interval for ours RSS feeds to 30 minutes in your RSS aggregator or contact the makers of your RSS aggregator to do this for you. After 8 hours you will be automatically deleted from the banlist.

If you have reason to believe that this is a mistake you can contact us and explain the situation! We will investigate each serious request.

Software developers and webmasters: We use the ttl, skipHours, pubDate, lastBuildDate elements and each item has an individual pubDate element. Developers, use these elements and implement some caching functions!